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Have a Nighthawk CM Detector and it has gone off for no apparant reason. Whatever I did does not stop the alarm continually bleeping. I turned off main electric and it carried on for about 20 mins. I have tried pressing the reset button but still carries on. On the booklet the model number says "Power Lead Model (hash 900-0082-02). Please can you advise? Thank you Mrs Pat Palmer

If the display shows "Lb", the battery is probably low; replace it. Make sure you are buying brand-name batteries, EverReady, DuraCell, etc. not some cheap knock-off brand you may never have heard of. There is absolutely no quality control or minimum performance specifications for batteries that are marketed in the US and there is some REAL trash out there. If the display shows "Err", push and hold the Peak Level button. Does the display change to "E09"? If so, then you have just been "had" by the grossly under-documented "planned obsolescence feature" called, rather matter-of-factly, "End of Life". This means that ~7 years after first being powered up, the unit will, BY DESIGN, cease to function, forcing you to buy a replacement. Would have been nice of Kidde to include THAT warning on the OUTSIDE of the package. Call their "Hotline" at 1-800-880-6788 and tell them what you think of that policy. If it is still under warranty (5 or 7 years depending on date of manufacture) they should replace it. In any event, buy another one; if they replace your first one you will have twice the protection. Not a bad thing. *Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, despite the handle. Words to live by: "Every creative act results from a sudden cessation of stupidity." -Edwin H. Land, inventor of the Polaroid Land Camera"The problem can always be solved with the materials in the room." -My college Physics Lab Instructor
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Follow this link for manual:
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Good Morning, My nighthawk CO detector went off with a loud continuous alarm this morning while all were sleeping. I reset it and it is not alarming now. I pushed the peak button and it reads 19. The number it reads is 245 when I pushed the test/reset button. I have a second CO detector in the house and it didn't go off. Any ideas what could have triggered this to alarm? Also, is the reading of 19 significant? Thank you, Carla Hornung

When a carbon monoxide detector sends an alarm, there is cause for concern. You mentioned that the other CO detector did not go off, but maybe it is too far away to monitor the carbon monoxide levels that was in this area. The instructions in your manual would direct you to evacuate the house immediately and ventilate. Your next step is to get a professional to inspect what may have caused the carbon monoxide leak. A reading of 19 indicates that there is carbon monoxide in that area of your house, unless your CO detector is not working properly. Your local fire department will give you the best advice for what action to take when a carbon monoxide detector sends an alarm. Be safe, don't assume a carbon monoxide alarm is cause by a defective CO detector, have it inspected.
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The detector has gone off two times within the last week. The detector reads "GAS" when it goes off. THe number the first time was 199 and yesterday is was 235. The first time I got out of the house, called the fire dept and they came and checked the house. They found nothing. The second time, I just turned it off, put it outside and it stopped beeping. Once I brought it back into the house, it started beeping again. I just left the house - not calling the fire dept. Not sure if is malfunctioning - or if there is "GAS" in the house. Is there a way to check to see if it is malfunctioning - or if it is a true problem. (The two alarms were a little more than a week apart - and no beeping in between the alarms). We don't have natural gas, just propane. Fire dept checked the only three appliances that run on propane, and said they were fine. Any suggestions??

Propane is heavier than air so if the detector is mounted ABOVE the appliances that use it (or any tubing that brings the propane into the house) it (the propane) will NOT be detected, even if there is a leak. That said, the PRODUCTS OF COMBUSTION of a propane appliance will still contain carbon monoxide (CO) which is lighter than air and will be detected by a properly installed detector. If you continue to get alarms and readings that differ from each other, along with no error codes on the display, it sounds like the detector is really detecting something. If the fire department cannot identify a source, try calling the Kidde "Hotline" at 1-800-880-6788 and ask if they can recommend another agency in your area to check your premises. I don't think these units detect Radon but am not sure. If your dwelling is of relatively new construction, the problem can be complicated by the fact that there is less outside air infiltration to disperse any build-up of gas/radon/CO/etc. than is typical in older construction. *Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, despite the handle. Words to live by: "Every creative act results from a sudden cessation of stupidity." -Edwin H. Land, inventor of the Polaroid Land Camera"The problem can always be solved with the materials in the room." -My college Physics Lab
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I have a KIDDE / NIGHTHAWK Combo Smoke / CO Alarm (Model #KN-COSM-IB). It is "chirping" once every 30 seconds. I understand this is an indication of alarm malfunction. My question is: what do I do about it? The battery has been checked and is not the issue. What now? Thanks.

Normally, that means the battery(s) need changing.. But, hundreds people have had problems with this combo detector, it's hard to predict what it is. But, as I said earlier, "Normally that means the battery(s) need changing." The keyword here is "Normally".Good luck. I hope that solves your problem.
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Kidde nighthawk Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarm single beeps

If detector is more then 5 years old it will beep every 30 seconde to wirn you the sensor in the detector needs to be replaced. bying a new detector would be better.
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I have 2 nighthawk alarms that are constantly chirping once every 30 seonds. On the back of the alarm it says there is an alarm malfunction, is there anyway I can fix it?

According to Kidde, you must return the detector(s) to them for repair or replacement.Apparently, this is happening a lot, as I have answered this question many times on this forum.Search Google for Kidde's home page and information on how to return it.
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