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Phone communication failure

Our Simon 3 is hooked up via phone line to our monitoring company that does internal testing every morning at 2:30am...since it is now mandatory to dial our area code along with 7 digit phone #, our alarm has been beeping at that time everytime with a status telling us the we have phone communication failure...area code was programed in with tech telling us that your system will only accept the area code on one of the 2 phone #'s that is being dialed to the alarm company, which still gives us the same there a fix for this?

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Alas, I'm looking for the same answer. If you have discovered a way since this post, please update. Thank you
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Phone communication failure

Yes all good security companies monitor over 800 lines. ask them to program your system to one of there 800 numbers and that should be the end of it. mj
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Non stop trouble beeping every 30 on my simon 3 security system

Two separate problems: Sensor failure and phone communication failure. Most likely, you've not been hooked up to a phone for a while but the system didn't know until it tried to transmit to the monitoring center that you removed a cover on a sensor. I can tell you how to turn off the panel beeps, "beeps" not only includes the trouble beeps that are driving you crazy, but also the beeps letting you know it's counting down, either when you've just armed it or when you come home right before the alarm sounds. Open the cover and enter your code using the red numbered buttons inside there. It doesn't beep when you press buttons, so press them well. When you've done it right, it will tell you to choose from the Start Menu. Choose "DELETE". Then, from the Main Menu, choose "OPTION #". Then press DONE. You have now turned off beeps. You haven't fixed anything and that sensor still isn't working but it's not beeping to get your attention now. Press SYSTEM STATUS two times to hear it tell you what's going on. To turn beeps on again, open cover, enter code and choose ADD > OPTION # > DONE.
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Low battery and Phone communication failure

Check that you are not using an app that is continuously accessing the internet and communicating with a server for some reason that is using the phones WiFi or mobile channel. This will drain battery life if incorrectly configured etc ( i.e selecting access to your location, services and other info )
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SIMON 3 panel acknowledge code?

Check and make sure they did not put a secondary number in Option 5. also I would delete the account# in Option 7.
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Okay!!!!! Got it working properly. What I wound up doing is setting it back to factory defaults by unplugging it and disconnecting the battery at the same time as holding down the cancel,clock set, and minutes +, buttons simultaneously. Likewise, when connecting the battery leads you have to hold down the same three buttons. Then you have to teach the Simon 3 the sensors (page 7 of the installation book). Simple ONCE you figure it out and then it makes sense. My thinking is that Mr. Lightening may have struck nearby my apartment and fouled up the system. Thanks JohnCHS for your input. I put my telephone number on my cell phone as both the primary and the secondary number to call.( option 4 and option 5) Hope this helps someone if they have a similar problem.
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Hello, I just purchased a GE SImon XT system with two motion detectors and a smoke/temperature increase detector. I live in a very small house and don't need more. Everything is hooked up and works EXCEPT I need it to be able to call my cell phone and another land line. It gives me the Comm Failure message. I have gone into the Dealer status to enter the numbers. Both are simply 7 digits and I gave them both All SIA status. I have also turned off Caller Waiting on my cell, and the other phone does not have it at all. I was assured that this system would call cell phones but have had no luck. The only other thing is I can't seem to kill the beeps that notify me of the Comm failure. Help would be appreciated if you have a solution. Thank you. Clarence Cameron [email protected]

Use Installer code to enter the two phone numbers. Are these number in the same area code? Do you need to dial 9 to get out? (I know it's your home) The default installer code is 654321, 54321, 4321 (factory default), or 321. The default dealer access code is 654321, 54321, 4321 (factory default), or 321. ===== Make sure backup battery is fresh. backup battery specification is (6 VDC, 1.2 Ah) ===== Make sure 9V AC is on position 4 and 5 on strip ===== "The only other thing is I can't seem to kill the beeps that notify me of the Comm failure." Is it 6 beeps six beeps every minute? I need to know the frequency of the beep you are talking about before I can help you. Please post on the comment field and I will get back to you.
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Wireless failures, doors that don't work consistent

Hi, sorry have to ask no invisible fence for dog or wireless internet? Has to be environment 2 panels doing same thing not likely. Ham radio, share wall with neighbor. Could be high emf (electro magnetic field) from electical pipe(s) in wall behind panel. May need to move panel.
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I have ge simon 3 which suddenly says phone not

Hi, it is possible that simon panel took power surge threw phone line only. If lightning hit phone line in the neighborhood.
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I have a GE Simon Security System with a GE Simon 3- X10 Line Carrier Transformer that powers a siren. Since the X10 transformer was installed, I constantly get sensor 'failures.' Although the panel status shows a failure, the alarm will still sound if that sensor is opened, so we think it is a false failure. My home also has an X10 system that controls several outside lights from a master panel. The security company that installed the system has been unable to solve this problem. So far, they have replaced all the sensors that have 'failed' (several times) and also replaced the panel itself. This did not stop the problem. Is the the problem due to some type of interferance in the wiring because there is X10 wiring in the home? Can you help me? Where do we go from here other than to replace the X10 transformer with a regular transformer, which means we will not have a siren in the basement. Thank you!

X10 is a signal format transmitted over the power lines, there is no special X10 wiring in the house as such. The siren and your outside lights are X10 receivers which are sent a signal from the X10 transformer connected to the alarm panel. The alarm panel sends the codes which are transmitted as X10 to the X10 external devices. Most houses now days have at least two 120 volt feeds coming into the main power panel, this provides the 240 volt required for electric stoves and dryers. Because of the two separate feeds split at the panel, the 60 cycles is usually out of phase with each other. To get X10 to work and stay in phase on each side of the panel you need to have wired a passive coupler across both 120 volt inputs. This coupler keeps both 120 inputs in phase with each other and provides a clear X10 transmit across the house wiring.
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