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What resistor is required?

Just received my new Ge Simon XT and the siren (13-950) should have come with a 4.7k resistor. I want to buy one but turns out I dont know what watt I need, can you help?

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What resistor is required?

The 4.7k ohm resistor (1/4 watt is fine) is only needed if you want the siren to be supervised (i.e., the alarm to go off if someone cuts the wires). If the siren is inside your premises (i.e., in the house or the garage) and therefore unlikely to be attacked, you don't need the resistor. (Hardware supervision is disabled by default on the Simon XT, so if you do wire the resistor, it won't do you any good unless you enable hardware supervision in System Configuration.)
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I have a GE Simon Security System with a GE Simon 3- X10 Line Carrier Transformer that powers a siren. Since the X10 transformer was installed, I constantly get sensor 'failures.' Although the panel status shows a failure, the alarm will still sound if that sensor is opened, so we think it is a false failure. My home also has an X10 system that controls several outside lights from a master panel. The security company that installed the system has been unable to solve this problem. So far, they have replaced all the sensors that have 'failed' (several times) and also replaced the panel itself. This did not stop the problem. Is the the problem due to some type of interferance in the wiring because there is X10 wiring in the home? Can you help me? Where do we go from here other than to replace the X10 transformer with a regular transformer, which means we will not have a siren in the basement. Thank you!

X10 is a signal format transmitted over the power lines, there is no special X10 wiring in the house as such. The siren and your outside lights are X10 receivers which are sent a signal from the X10 transformer connected to the alarm panel. The alarm panel sends the codes which are transmitted as X10 to the X10 external devices. Most houses now days have at least two 120 volt feeds coming into the main power panel, this provides the 240 volt required for electric stoves and dryers. Because of the two separate feeds split at the panel, the 60 cycles is usually out of phase with each other. To get X10 to work and stay in phase on each side of the panel you need to have wired a passive coupler across both 120 volt inputs. This coupler keeps both 120 inputs in phase with each other and provides a clear X10 transmit across the house wiring.
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I am just wondering if its posible to extend the range of the simon alarm panel? I have connected the internal ariel to another cable to extend the range, this worked but not to the level i require. Is there a wirefree expander i can learn into system and increase the range?

No.Not possible this thing only work for a quarter of a mile ok for the best operation.It is preset for the range for it best functions,u manage to extented for a littte further.No,the range will not go further beyond a quarter of a mile,if u plan to go beyond that.
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New Home, existing system, no information on what current access code is

Powering down for several hours should reset the code to 1234. To power down, find where it plugs into the wall. It'll be a big plug, about the size of your fist ( a three-inch, block style plug), black, white or beige in color, probably a little screw holding it in. It may be directly below the panel or could be in the room on the other side of the wall of the panel. Otherwise, it may be in a garage, basement or attic. It may be in a weird place, like behind a couch in the living room or on the ceiling in the garage. Good luck finding it! Next, disconnect the back up battery. This can be tricky because it's really easy to break the little tab that holds the compartment shut. With the cover open, look at the top of the panel or the sides/corners. CAREFULLY push the tab, open the cover and disconnect the battery. Leave it powered down for 24 hours and then plug in the battery first, then plug it into the wall. The code should (hopefully) be 1234 now.
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Sensor failure Simon 3 wireless home alarm

The sensor is going out, i would switch it out with another one in your house and see if the problem follows it there.
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System battery failure with AC power on - GE Security Simon 3 Wireless Home Security System

Your system uses the battery as a backup in the event of an AC power failure. This battery is constantly being trickle charged by the system. However, just like a car battery, each year as the battery gets older it also loses some of its capacity to maintain the system during a power outage. Normally after 4-5 years the battery needs to be replaced. In addition to your system keeping the battery charged it also monitors the battery's charging capacity. When the system fails to maintain a suitable charge the system will indicate a "low battery". It is probably time to replace your battery. You can normally find a replacement by going to a battery warehouse retailer in your town. Hope this helps you.
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System Low Battery

Response 1 is correct. If you plugged the transformer into an outlet before connecting the battery the system wont see the battery and give you that error. Should be a simple fix however. Unplug the battery and then the transformer, then reverse the process. Plug in the battery and your Simon should power up, then plug in the transformer. If this doesn't help then you should replace the battery. Did you buy the system from a dealer and have it professionally installed or did you do-it-yourself? If it was professionally installed have your technician come back out to diagnose/replace the battery if needed. Good Luck.
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Low Battery warning on Simon 3 even when I changed it out

Temperature affects batteries. if the batteries on the window sensors have been in use for some time it is probably time to change them. Alarm batteries are only expected to last 3 to 5 years with moderate use. If you have close neighbors or live in an apartment complex then false reads could be a factor.
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I have a GE Simon 3 wireless home security system. Both the front sensor and motion detector do not work despite replacing the batteries. What is the cause?

Hello. i can assist you. When you install or replace batteries, use the same brand of battery the device currently contains to prevent damage or explosion. Step 2 Follow the diagram when you install or replace batteries. Align the polarities as they appear in the diagram. Step 3 Replace the batteries every six months even if they retain their charge. Otherwise you risk battery corrosion. Step 4. If replacing the batteries does activate the device, remove the battery and clean the contacts with the clean eraser end of a pencil. Make sure the contacts are not bent out giving a poor connection. If necessary bend the contacts in somewhat using a tweezer or other small tool.
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