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Alarm went off

The alarm went off and the digital reading said GAS-then flashed a code: 226. Any idea what that refers to? The gas company came over and got zero redings for explosive gas.

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I was wondering why does something goes off, when it in fact does the opposite bomb goes off - it blows up alarm goes off - it turns on Why not goes on?
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Alarm goes off: "To go off" means "to trip, to start sounding". Something has triggered the alarm, and it went off (started sounding, flashing lights, what not).
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Good Morning, My nighthawk CO detector went off with a loud continuous alarm this morning while all were sleeping. I reset it and it is not alarming now. I pushed the peak button and it reads 19. The number it reads is 245 when I pushed the test/reset button. I have a second CO detector in the house and it didn't go off. Any ideas what could have triggered this to alarm? Also, is the reading of 19 significant? Thank you, Carla Hornung

When a carbon monoxide detector sends an alarm, there is cause for concern. You mentioned that the other CO detector did not go off, but maybe it is too far away to monitor the carbon monoxide levels that was in this area. The instructions in your manual would direct you to evacuate the house immediately and ventilate. Your next step is to get a professional to inspect what may have caused the carbon monoxide leak. A reading of 19 indicates that there is carbon monoxide in that area of your house, unless your CO detector is not working properly. Your local fire department will give you the best advice for what action to take when a carbon monoxide detector sends an alarm. Be safe, don't assume a carbon monoxide alarm is cause by a defective CO detector, have it inspected.
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Gas alarm went off at level 240 - Kidde Nighthawk Combo Gas/co Detector

If it only happened once, just disregard it. If it keeps happening you may have a dangerous condition in your house; have the fire department check it out. *Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, despite the handle. Words to live by: "Every creative act results from a sudden cessation of stupidity." -Edwin H. Land, inventor of the Polaroid Land Camera"The problem can always be solved with the materials in the room." -My college Physics Lab Professor
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My combination CO/GAS detector keeps sounding the alarm. It happened 1 week ago and I reset it. It went off one more time immediately after it was reset. I smelled no gas anywhere in the house so I assumed it was a false alarm because it didn't go off again. But it happened in exactly the same way 3 days later. then almost a week went by and now it is in the middle of the night and it went off again. I reset it, it went off immediately again and I reset it again just because it is so loud you can't stand it going off. It went off an hour or two later. Again, I smell no gas anywhere in the house. Shouldn't I be able to smell gas if it is really an emergency. I know CO has no smell, but it is the gas part that is alarming. The Kidde toll free number only answers during regular business hours. Oh, by the way I have propane appliances.

If the display shows "Lb", the battery is probably low; replace it. Make sure you are buying brand-name batteries, EverReady, DuraCell, etc. not some cheap knock-off brand you may never have heard of. There is absolutely no quality control or minimum performance specifications for batteries that are marketed in the US and there is some REAL trash out there. If the display shows "Err", push and hold the Peak Level button. Does the display change to "E09"? If so, then you have just been "had" by the grossly under-documented "planned obsolescence feature" called, rather matter-of-factly, "End of Life". This means that ~7 years after first being powered up, the unit will, BY DESIGN, cease to function, forcing you to buy a replacement. Would have been nice of Kidde to include THAT warning on the OUTSIDE of the package. Call their "Hotline" at 1-800-880-6788 and tell them what you think of that policy. If it is still under warranty (5 or 7 years depending on date of manufacture) they should replace it. In any event, buy another one; if they replace your first one you will have twice the protection. Not a bad thing. *Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, despite the handle. Words to live by: "Every creative act results from a sudden cessation of stupidity." -Edwin H. Land, inventor of the Polaroid Land Camera"The problem can always be solved with the materials in the room." -My college Physics Lab
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I have a Kidde combo CO / Gas monitor. The last two mornings at almost the same time (7:00 AM) the alarm sounded with the word GAS displayed. The condition went away in about 30 seconds each time and the alarm was no longer present. The alarm was just recently moved into the bathroom. It had never gone off in its orginal location, the living room.

Besides the obvious jokes about gas in the bathroom, I would advise you move it out of the bath room. It is being affected by excessive moisture causing errors in the sensors. The same can happen for smoke alarms with condensation or other moisture sources. It should be located relatively close to a possible source of problem, but not right on top of it. Is the shower in use at around 7 am every AM?
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I have a KIDDE / NIGHTHAWK Combo Smoke / CO Alarm (Model #KN-COSM-IB). It is "chirping" once every 30 seconds. I understand this is an indication of alarm malfunction. My question is: what do I do about it? The battery has been checked and is not the issue. What now? Thanks.

Normally, that means the battery(s) need changing.. But, hundreds people have had problems with this combo detector, it's hard to predict what it is. But, as I said earlier, "Normally that means the battery(s) need changing." The keyword here is "Normally".Good luck. I hope that solves your problem.
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My alarm went off for approximately 10 minutes. Then we pulled it out of wall. Then replaced it ...the alarm read gas....222...went off for a minute more...then stopped and reads 0 what should we do

Switch off get gas fitter to anilized co2 readings dangerous if you dont,fumes can and WILL kill
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Kidde nighthawk Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarm single beeps

If detector is more then 5 years old it will beep every 30 seconde to wirn you the sensor in the detector needs to be replaced. bying a new detector would be better.
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